Beulah Baptist Association /1879

Suwannee Missionary Baptist Association /1873
October 12, 2020
St. Johns River (originally called the North St. John’s) Baptist Association (1877)
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Beulah Baptist Association /1879

Seven churches – three from the Santa Fe River Association and four churches from the Alachua Association – met at the Lanes Branch Church in 1879, to organize the Beulah Baptist Association. The churches primarily were in Hamilton and Columbia counties with subsequent churches joining from parts of Suwannee, Gilcrest, Dixie, and Levy counties in North Florida.  In 2016, the Beulah Association voted on a name change to the Beulah Baptist Association d.b.a. North Florida Baptist Network.

Provided are digital copies of the annual reports of the association (for the years noted below) that includes: the proceedings of the annual meeting(s); statistical information on its cooperating churches; and reports on the missionary, ministerial and ministry training activities provided by the association.

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