A booklet is a small printed book consisting of a few pages, typically with paper covers that addresses a topic on Baptist doctrine or provides training instructions to perform a church leadership task. Listed are several of the historically significant booklets available to read on-line.

Apostolical Church Polity William Williams, D.D.

The Baptist Church Manual Containing the Declaration of Faith
J. Newton Brown, D.D.

Confessions of Faith and Church Order Published 1800

Cuba Lida W. Miller

Evils of Infant Baptism Rev. Alvah Hovey, D.D.

Minutes of the Early Proceedings of the Baptist Society 1828

The Ordination of Baptist Ministers

Practical Uses of Baptism Published 1842

The Practical Uses of Christian Baptism Andrew Fuller, D.D.

Protestant Pedobaptism and the Doctrine of a Church
Rev. Howard Osgood, D.D

Scriptual Communion J. B. Jeter, D.D.

Some Baptist Whys and Wherefores John Jeter Hurt

The Mutual Relation of Baptism and The Communion
Geo. D. B. Pepper, D.D.