South Florida Baptist Association /1867

Santa Fe River (formerly the Santa Fee Missionary) Baptist Association /1857
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Jacksonville (formerly the St Mary’s River Missionary) Baptist Association /1879
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South Florida Baptist Association /1867

During its October, 1867 annual meeting, the Alachua Association’s messengers approved a request from its member churches located south of the Withlacoocha River to grant letters of dismission so that those churches could organize a new association. Subsequently on Friday, December 6, 1867, messengers from 12 churches met at the Bethel Baptist Church, in Polk County, to organize the South Florida Baptist Association. The participating churches, designated by their town or community included: Alafia, Shiloh, Tampa, and Tenotasassee of Hillsborough County; Bethel and Peas Creek of Polk County; Ft. Hartsaff and Maple Branch of Manatee County; Spring Branch of Hernando County; and the Lake Harris, Midway and Salem churches of unknown counties.

Provided are digital copies of the annual reports of the South Florida Association (for the years noted below) that includes: the proceedings of the annual meeting(s); statistical information on its cooperating churches; and reports on the missionary, ministerial and ministry training activities provided by the association.

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