Dear Florida Baptist Pilgrim,

Here we go on a very special project. We have not traveled this way before.

One of our most efficient ways to undertake Baptist research is through the reading of original associational minutes. The problem has been that the minutes are inaccessible, old, rare or brittle and handling them is a damaging exercise. Researchers need the information but the work is counterproductive due to the damage done to original documents.
A new age is upon us. Rob Storey of RLS Group in Jacksonville has partnered with us in a grand experiment. We have had Florida Baptist churches in 85 different associations since 1835. It is our desire to place many of these associational minutes on our website with a functional name, place and subject index. In 2010 we begin with the important minutes of Middle Florida Association (1900-2009). This experiment is attempted to enhance Florida Southern Baptist research. It shows what we have done, why we did it and points to how we can improve our work in the future. The approach is new but the motivation is the same. Florida Baptist history is a sign post and not a hitching rail. We are still here honoring those who honor Christ.

Jerry M. Windsor
Florida Baptist Historical Society


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