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September 21, 2017

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Ozzie Vater graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (1981) and served as pastor in Pennsylvania and Florida. In 2008 Vater became pastor of Fifth Street Church in Key West.

Florida Baptist Witness, January 24, 2008, p. 14.


W. Judson Vaughn (January 19, 1943- ) was born in Montgomery, Alabama. He was the son of W. Judson and Louise Dean Vaughn. Vaughn graduated from Sanford University (B.A., 1964) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., 1968, Ph.D., 1971). He was ordained at the Forest Park Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. Vaughn served as pastor of four Southern Baptist churches. He served as pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church of Autauga County, Alabama (1961-1964), Hopewell Baptist Church in Henry County, Kentucky (1965-1971), First Baptist Church, Phoenix City, Alabama (1973-1978), First Baptist Church, Elba, Alabama (1978-1982). Vaughn served as Instructor in New Testament Greek at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1969-1972), and also as Assistant Professor of New Testament Interpretation in 1972-1973.
Vaughn married Linda Grace Glaze on July 16, 1966, and they had two sons, Mark and Michael. Vaughn has taught Biblical Introduction and New Testament at the Baptist College of Florida since in 1982.

Secondary Source:
Florida Baptist Historical Society files.


Raul Angel Vazquez was born June 18, 1943 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied at Lee College in Baytown, Texas (A.A., 1963), Seminario Teologico Bautista de Buenos Aires (B.Th., 1943) and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (D.Min., 1988). Vazquez worked with Platil Corporation (1964-1966), Firestone (1966-1967), and Crysler (1967-1969) in Argentina. Vazquez served as pastor in Argentina (1969-1977) and Texas (1977-1982). He worked with the Home Mission Board (1982-1993) before becoming the Director of the Language Division of the Florida Baptist Convention in 1993. Vazquez is a third generation minister. He was saved at age eight in Argentina and ordained in Argentina on November 11, 1972. He married Mirta Elisabet Rodriquez Vazquez on July 4, 1970. They have two children, Andres Vazquez (5-3-1973), and Sebastian Vazquez.

Secondary Source:
Florida Baptist Historical Society files.


Joseph G. Vincent (1950-2006) was a native of Haiti and immigrated to Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1970. He moved to Port Charlotte in 2002 and was pastor of Redeemer Haitian Baptist Church in Port Charlotte where he died on August 8, 2006. Vincent assisted in starting several churches in New York and previously served as pastor of New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Fort Myers. Vincent and his wife Rhode had two sons, Daton and Sidney.

Florida Baptist Witness, September 7, 2006, p. 11.


Ernest R. Vincett (1886-1943) was born in Gravesend, England. He came to the states in 1905. He was converted in 1922 when the family was living in Water Valley, Mississippi. He attended Baptist Bible Institute in New Orleans, and was pastor of Gentilly Baptist Church when it was a mission. He served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Milton, (1930-1941), and First Baptist Church, Graceville (1941-1943). Vincett died unexpectedly after minor surgery and this tragedy compounded the grief of numerous service people from the Graceville area who were in the military. Vincett began his ministry at First Baptist Church, Graceville on December 7, 1941.

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Florida Baptist Historical Society files.


Jerry Vines ( September 22, 1937-) was born in Carroll County, Georgia. He was accepted Christ in 1946 at the Tabernacle Baptist Church under the preaching of John Tippett Jr., and was ordained in August 1956 in that church. He was also greatly influenced by his grandfather, W. O. Johnson, a country evangelist. In 1957, Vines was called to his first pastorate, First Central-hatachee Baptist Church in Heard County, Georgia. In 1959 he went to Bethesda Baptist Church and it was there he met his future bride. He and Janet Denney were married on December 17, 1960, and have four children; Joy, Jodi Jim, and Jon (Jodi and Jim are twins). Vines became pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville in 1982. He previously served at Dauphin Way Baptist Church in Mobile (1974-1980), Alabama, and West Rome Baptist Church in Rome, Georgia (1968-1974; 1980-1982). He served at First Baptist in Jacksonville as co-pastor with Homer G. Lindsay, Jr., until the death of Dr. Lindsay. Vines is a native of Carrollton, Georgia, and a graduate of Mercer University, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and Luther Rice Seminary. Dr. Vines has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (1988-1989), president of the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor s Conference in 1976 and 1977, and the Alabama Pastor s Conference in 1976. He also has served on numerous convention committees and boards.

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Dennis Vines graduated from Walker Junior College, Jasper, Alabama; Birmingham Southern; and Luther Rice Seminary. He served as pastor in Ragland, Alabama, before becoming pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Panama City in 1980.

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Florida Baptist Witness, December 4, 1980, p. 6.


Elmer Vogelsang graduated from Taylor University (B. S.) and Ball State University (MS). He served as pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Church in the Vero Beach area. In 2010 he became director of missions in the New River Baptist Association. He and his wife Nancy have one son.

Florida Baptist Witness, October 21, 2010, p. 7.


G. E. Von Hagan (1863-1950) served as a Baptist preacher for nearly 70 years. He served as pastor of St. Marks and Lakeview, Tallahassee. He died in Winter Haven on November 3, 1950.

Secondary Source:
Florida Baptist Historical Society files.